The Threadpaths of Life

The Threadpaths of Life: as inspired by The Crystal Tablet, by Lady Valentina. Originally published under ArchMadria Pamela Lanides.

The Threadpaths of Life

1) All of life is but a woven fabric fashioned upon the Pattern of Perfection.

2) The wefts and weaves are multi-varied and each pattern unique to the soul.

3) Some are intricate patterns of delicate lace; while others are simple textures of coarse wool. Some are crafted in a kaleidoscope of color while others are softly-hued.

4) Each thread in the pattern is a pathway of choice and each choice has a symbolic meaning.

5) 5) The Soul is either led along the Threadpath of Dea or it diverges away into darkness.

6) As you walk the path towards Dea, the kear-moira of your souls melts away; rendering them translucent and lit with a pearlescent shine. The Threadpath away from Dea, solidifies the karma of the life of the soul, darkening them with density and muddying their feeble light.

7) The first path leads towards an inner life of spiritual riches, though the outer life may be lacking; the second leads to the impoverishment of the soul, though the outer life may be surrounded by opulence.

8) The first leads to the Sacred Moments and Union with Perfect Love; the second draws deeper away into separation and far from She Who is Love.

9) The Sacred Moment is but that very Still Point at the Centre of the soul’s Thread Pattern; that moment in time when a Child of Dea has become Love and that singularity out of time when the Child of Dea is aware of naught but Love. Through our Sacred Moments the soul is coalesced into the Perfection of Union with Perfect Love.

10) How shall you find the Threadpaths of the Pattern which leads to your Sacred Moment?

11) Within the realm of spirit, there are three Threadpaths which guide the soul to Perfection.

12) The first is the Life and Force of the High Mother, She Who Is; the second is the Light and Energy of the Divine Mother, She Who is above, and the third is the Love and Grace of the Holy Daughter, She Who is Our Soteria.

13) The Life of the Absolute is the Life of the High Mother; She Who is the Origin of all Being. All that has Life have their Life in Her and this Life is the Source of the All.

14) Follow the Threadpath of Life by knowing your own True Self and you shall find your own True Self as contained within the Absolute. Just as the droplet of water is contained within the ocean, so are the Children of Dea contained within the Ocean of the Absolute.

15) Ever be mindful that the True Source of Life is the Source of your True Self. And in knowing your True Self, you shall find your way amidst the disharmonies and the dropped threads of our patterns.

16) The Second is the Light and Energy of the Divine Mother, Who is the Ground and Matrix of All Being. Light condenses Life into Being though the illusion of matter appears to ever so solid.

17) Light is the Energy of the vibrating threads of existence. Some threads vibrate quickly into the higher notes of rarefied being. Rarefied being is closest to Dea and enjoys limitless freedom. Others vibrate slowly into the low notes of denser being. Denser being is separation from Dea which suffers the restrictions of limitation.

18) How shall you find the Threadpath of Light which leads to limitless freedom?

19) Follow the Threadpath of Light by desiring to know and to follow Our Mother’s Will and from drinking from the Seven Living Streams of Virtue. By consciously uniting with Her in our every act, each act subconsciously becomes that of perfection.

20) The Third is the Love and Grace of the Holy Daughter, the Sustainer and Soteria of the World. Love is the Real which underlies reality. Love is the All and is the saviour of all. Love is the True Being which sustains all being.

21) Love is the only Truth of all existence and all that is not of Love is but the illusion of separation.

22) How does the soul follow the Threadpath of Love which leads to becoming Wholly Love?

23) Follow the Threadpath of Love by subsuming your every thought, your every word and your every action into Love.

24) Let Love be your only guide in dignity and gracefulness of soul and you cannot help but weave a gossamer fabric of Love. Let Love be the fire that warms you and let Love be the water you drink.

25) Let Love be the earth that you walk upon and let Love be the air you breathe. Let Love be the reason for your being and you shall become Wholly Love and thus be united with That Which is Love.

26) For Light is the Essence and Love is the Form and both find their Completion in the Source of Life.

27) These are the Threadpaths, Three in One, Light, Love and Life.