The Purity of the Dove

The Purity of the Dove by Lady Valentina, originally published under ArchMadria Pamela Lanides.

1) Give Your Heart unto me and I shall fashion of it the purity of a dove.
2) For mine is the Way of compassion that is born out of Love.
3) I am the breath which sustains the All; I am the breeze that you sense in the night.
4) I am the rabbit chasing across the glen; I am the deer who is stilled by the light.
5) I am the flower amongst the vast meadow; I am the stars which gleam across the sky.
6) I am the palm swaying in the breeze; I am the moon which shines down from on high.
7) I am the Presence Who calls in the Forest; I am the froth upon the mighty sea.
8) I am in you and in all those around you; I am in the world and in every face you see.
9) The cosmic dance is to my own tune in perfect rhythm and harmony,
10) For I am She Who composed the song; And I am She Who holds the Key.
11) The Key to the Dance is the purity of the Dove, in mind and heart and soul.
12) Open the Dance and enter therein and join the spiral of the knoll.
13) For the spiral goes round and round and round, upwards ever higher.
14) Till finally the highest note of all brings us to our Desire.
15) And so in all your thoughts and words remember this one thing,
16) It is only in the purity of the Dove that the truth shall ever ring.
17) And when you look upon the flower, the stars and the mighty sea,
18) I am the Dove within and you are gazing upon Me.
19) I am the Holy Daughter and I am the Dove of Purity.