The Inner Temple of Your Heart

The Inner Temple of Your Heart, by Lady Valentina, originally published under ArchMadria Pamela Lanides.

1) I am the Rose of Heaven. I am She upon Whom your assumption is assured.
2) I am the Fire which warms your soul and the Energy which envelops you.
3) I dwell deep within the temple of Your heart.
4) Make pure, this temple and embed in its altar, the Seven Radiant Jewels and allow their brilliance to shine forth in all their shimmering glory.
5) Imbue it through-out with the sweet Fragrance of humility so that I may shower upon you, the luminescent Petals of My Grace.
6) Expand its walls with the selflessness of love and I will overflow its Chalice with My Spirit .
7) Raise its canopy with holy desire and be forever filled with the Bread of Love.
8) Let unceasing prayer echo within its chambers and I will abide within you, always.
9) Do not impoverish your inner temple with the transient and the profane; with worry, with guilt or with doubt.
10) Rather fill it with the splendor of purity of thought and of heavenly aspiration.
11) And add to its beauty the flowers of kindness and the sweet incense of mercy.
12) Come and worship me within the temple of your heart; your heart whose form is in the shape of a rose.
13) Come and worship me within the temple of your heart and you will be assumed unto the Rose of Heaven.