My Lady’s Voice

My Lady’s Voice written by a member of the Secret Madrian Order.

O, Where shall I hear my Lady’s voice?
Where shall I feel my Lady’s touch?
Where smell the fragrant Holy Rose and
be warmed by the Holy Fire?
O, where shall I see Her, where can I find Her,
O, where can my Lady be?

Be calm, gentle soul, for you never are lost,
For you dwell all the while with Her.
Tis your mind that has strayed and the thoughts
Of your mind that obscure Her now from you.
Then, cleanse your mind of the darkness thoughts,
And be turned again, to Her

And go inside you, seek within you, for tis there
That your Lady abides.
For though She is beyond you, She is also within you,
And your being is wholly in Her.
And within shall you feel Her and see Her and hear Her,
And within know Her nectar and fragrance divine.

And within is the warmth of She Who is Love and the
Warmth of Her Love is the Warmth that surrounds
You, for in you is where the Flame of My love burns bright.