Jewel of Thought

 Jewel of Thought by Lady Valentina. Originally published under ArchMadria Pamela Lanides.

1)The thoughts of the mind are the walls of existence, determining the quality of life.

2) When thoughts become hardened, the Light cannot penetrate to the inner garden of the soul. It creates a barrier through which the Light cannot shine and so the bloom of the inner rose fades.

3) Thoughts may swiftly widen the chasm of kear, drawing the soul ever downward. Darkness begins to envelop our minds, drowning our rose in the churning waters of disharmony.

4) For the heart is in the form of the Rose and must be nurtured with tender care. Only by basking in the Supernal Sun may our Rose grow strong and sublime.

5) Thoughts of clarity, purity and kindness; words of hope, encouragement and care, these strip away the walls of the mind, opening our inner garden to the nourishing Love of Our Lady.

6) Why create barriers of darkness and pain when the only thing needful is open air? Why form enclosures of hate and anger when joy and charis produce the most exquisite rose?

7) Enter the garden of the Temple of your heart and create within a great beauty. Sit by the fountain of meditation and let your mind flow free.

8) Ponder the Virtues and the vastness of the cosmos and know that Your Lady is near.

9) Drink in the glory and the majesty of the All and pour a cup of gratitude to share.

10) Wander your garden with Your Lady and aspire to create anew.

11) Use your thoughts to cultivate variety and perhaps a willow of grace.

12) Adorn your temple, in the center of your garden, with the brilliant Diamond of Illumination and the deepest Jade of Harmony.

13) Embed in your altar the fiery Ruby of Valor and the opalescent Moonstone of Reflection.

14) Strew on the smooth, cool tiles of the floor the milk-white Pearls of compassion and the fiery Topaz of Intuition.

15) And inlay the windows with the deepest Lapis of Temperance and so your Temple is complete.

16) Turn the hardness of your thoughts into the Jewels of the Mind and your inner rose will bloom with freshness; growing tall from the chasm of darkness. and breaking through the imprisoning walls of your mind.

17) Let your thoughts rest in your garden, amidst the morning dew. And there your thoughts will never harden, but will flow with harmony.