There’s Something About Eve


(Zoe-Eve was birthed through a Drop of Light onto the Water. Name of painting possibly connected to the Soul of the Universe.)

    What did the Madrians/Filianists know about Eve? Back in the 1970’s, I’m not sure how much was known about the Nag Hamadi texts or if the original Madrians could have known about the Divine or Spiritual Eve (Zoe-Eve), the Daughter of Holy Sophia. Perhaps they did.

    While Filianism briefly touched upon the possibility that Earthly Eve might have been a Divine Creatrix, the Madrians used the Name of Eve, Havah, in a very powerful way. They used the part of the Tetragrammaton which means Havah, Iot ‘E Voh, as a powerful blessing during both the Rite of Sacrifice and in the Great Rite, the Madrian liturgy. And words/phrases related to Eve/Havah were used by the priestess during the most miraculous part of the Communion Rite. I don’t know if they ever wrote anything further about Her and if not, it only creates a deeper puzzle as to why they would use Her Name in this most spiritually efficacious and quite astonishing manner.

No one knows for sure exactly how the Gnostics came to be, although evidence suggests that they were a highly educated Jewish sect strongly influenced by Platonism. They shared a suspicion of orthodoxy, a love of wisdom, and a faith in finding one’s own way to the divine.  Eve Reconsidered.

Unfortunately, early Gnostic Christians overlayed or completely rewrote some of the original Gnostic Texts. (The Wisdom Goddess, Rose Horman Arthur). Early Christians were known to hate women and say terrible things about the female race. While, in Gnosticism, women were treated in a more equal fashion, they simply could not leave Sophia and Eve alone. Early Gnostics enslaved Sophia and raped Eve. The demotion of Female Goddesses never ends. But Who does Eve say that She was?

   And I spoke thus….. “I am the foreknowledge of pure light; I am the thought of the undefiled spirit…Arise and remember…and beware of the deep sleep.” From the Secret Book of John. (Meaning do not forget who you are, why we are here or where you are going. The Hymn of the Pearl.)

In the article, Another Eve, the author clearly delineates the contrast between how the early Church ‘Fathers’ viewed Eve compared with how the Gnostics, in several of their gospels, understood Eve.

For thousands of years, women were made to feel inferior because Eve, our Fore-Mother, committed the act that would cause intense suffering for humanity for thousands upon thousands upon thousands of years, including, very specifically, the pain of childbirth. These stories were never meant to be taken literally. While there is some truth to the beginnings of them, these are stories that were written by men. And as time went along, the more they ranted and raved against Eve, the more you have to wonder, why? Who was She, really?  What were they afraid of?

Though Gnosticism is very far from perfect, perhaps the original Jewish writers gave us a glimpse of the Truth. The Creatrix, Sophia, had a Daughter and Her Name was Zoe-Eve. This Higher, Spiritual Eve, out of sheer Love, descended down through the Seven Realms and brought Life and the Light of Her Mother to all of humanity through Adam. She is our Divine Fore-mother. She is Our Ancestral Divinity. She is Saviouress. And in the very beginnings of the Madrian Faith, She was there and is with us still, in our Rite of Sacrifice, in our liturgy, in our blessings.

    Zoe-Eve brought the Life and Light of Her Mother to all the children of the Earth through Adam. Gaia Sophia resides with us as the World Soul, the Soul of Nature and the Wisdom of Nature (Sophia Natura). Mother Sophia, Lady Wisdom, dwells within our hearts as Divine Love.

   Dea surrounds us, envelops us, spiritually nourishes us and has never left us despite all the machinations of those who despised Her, raped Her, demoted Her and tried to make Her male. In several schools of Gnostic thought, the male came from the Divine Feminine and look how they treated their Mother.

For I am the first and the last.
I am the honored and the scorned,
I am the harlot and the holy one. 

                                                                                                      Thunder, Perfect Mind.