ST. HANAEL (Female Angel)

ST. HANAEL meaning joy and grace of God. 

                  St. Hanael (aka Anael, her syszgy is Haniel) is said to be the daughter of St. Michael

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Animals: Caterpillar, Butterfly, Dove, Rabbit, Love Birds, Sparrow, Swan, Gazelle, Mountain Goat and Nightingale. 

Celestial Title: Rose of God.

Chakra: Heart

Day of Week: Friday

Direction: North and East. 

Element: Earth (also Air). 

Flowers: Red Roses, Foxglove, Vervain, Myrtle, Carnations, Delphinium, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Damiana, Rose, Baby’s Breath, Angelica, Columbine, Daisy, Dianthus, Lily, Lotus, Water Lily, Passionflower, Periwinkle, Meadowsweet, Violet, Tansy and all Wild/Meadow flowers. 

Incense: Benzoin, Red Sandalwood, Rose, Vanilla, Mint, Storax, Red or Pink Rose, Saffron, Verbana and Myrtle.

Metal: Copper and Brass.

Musical Note: A. 

Patroness of: Lovers, Married Couples, Cosmeticians, Gardeners, Empaths, Perfumers, Artists, Homemakers and Families.

Robes: Blue, Green and Pink.

Rulership: Areas of rulership for St. Hanael include, but are not limited to: Love, Courtship, Marriage, Home, Employment, Financial, Beauty, Friendship, Amity, Harmony, Music, Visual Arts, Gardening, Grace, Graciousness, Dignity, Charm, Leisure Activities, Mercy, Empathy, Immortality of the Soul and Family, Business, Music, Pleasure, Scent, Female sexuality, Garden magic, and Individual income.

Season: Spring, especially the month of June. (Some say Dec., but that is considered to be incorrect.)

Seasonal Color: Green.

Stones/Shells: Emerald, Turquoise, Rose Quartz, Pearls, Amazonite, Jade and Shells.

Symbols: The Seven Pointed Star and the Rose.

Tarot: The Empress.

Trees: Cypress, Teak, Apple, Elder, Pear, Sweet Cherry, Eucalyptus, Willow and Quince.

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