The Four Angels of the Cardinal Directions, Male and Female


Many believe that angels cannot have gender. This idea is based upon one verse in the Bible, For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven. Matthew, 22: 30. This has nothing to do with the gender of angels, rather, it is simply a statement that there is no marriage in the next life.

It is also thought that angels have no bodies, and yet, when they have appeared in the Bible or in Enoch, they most certainly had bodies. Even so, Gender is a Principle, a Quality and so whether or not an angel has a corporal body is a moot point. They can still be male or female. And this is also why God can be Male or Female. In the manifest world, the spiritual Quality and Principle of gender is expressed in the corporal form.

The angels of the Zoroastrians are both male and female. The Gnostic Aeons (uncreated angels) are both male and female. They are male/female syzygies or Divine Pairs.  Gnostic Archons (the bad guys) are both male and female. Some schools of Gnostic thought referred to them as being androgynous. At the Sanctuary, the Valentinian understanding of them as being syzygies is preferred.

Esoteric Christians believe that all angels are male and female pairs or syzygies. We may think of them, like the Christ-Logos and (Lower or Earthly Sophia) as being Twin Flames, Twin Souls.

Several angels have appeared as both male and female (so, again, most likely a syzygy), notably St. Gabriel/Gabrielle, St. Uriel/Ariel, St. Haniel/Hanael to name a few. 

St. Gabriel often appeared as a female and his/her correspondences, like those of St. Hanael, are clearly female. Often, in correspondence lists, such as at Archangels and Angels, the angel in question will be referred to as male and sometimes female in the article/list. Other sites simply refer to them as being female. 

There are many female angels such as St. Muriel, beautiful angel who rules over the month of June and is known as the angel of flowers and perfume. A list of female angels will be provided in the near future.

As explained in our About Our Calendar Page, we strive to keep the male and female lines of the four Cardinal Directions straight, rather than broken and so, those angels that are the rulers of Earth (St. Hanael) and Water (St. Gabrielle), both feminine Elements, are the female aspects of their syzygies, while St. Michael (Fire) and St. Raphael (Air) are, of course, male.

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