Akathist to the Dove of Spring

Akathist in honor of the Holy Daughter, by ArchMadria Valentina, originally published under ArchMadria Pamela Lanides.

This prayer is especially suitable for Eastre. It is in honor of both the Holy Daughter and Our Immanent Mother.

(Stanza 1)
Hail, O, Dove of Peace, O, Descended Soul, Hail!
Hail, Holy Soul of the World, O, Divine Temple of Our Spirits, Hail!
Hail, O, Princess of the World, O, Ruler of all Creation, Hail!
Hail, O, Purest Dove, O, Divine Purity, Hail!
Hail, O, Supernal Moon, O, Reflected Light of the Holy One, Hail!
Hail, O, High Priestess, O, Mistress of Priestesses, Hail!
Hail, O, Soteria, O, Savioress, O, Kyria, Hail!

1. And as She walked, the children of the earth threw blossoms before Her, and though Her feet rested on them, they were not bruised. (2)

(Stanza 2)
Hail, O, Divine Star of Midnight, O, Midnight Star of Wonder, Hail!
Hail, O, Holy Dove of Peace, O, Gentle Dove of Harmony and Serenity, Hail!
Hail, O, Divine Maid, O, Shining One, Hail!
Hail, O, Divine Aurora, O, Dawn of Time, Hail!
Hail, O, Sustainer of All Creation, O, Ruler of manifestation, Hail!
Hail, O, Love incarnate in Soul, O, Supernal Love, Hail!
Hail, O, Divine Breath of Nature, O, Primordial Love, Hail!

2. And She reigned over all the earth, bringing all
nature back to life, and all life back to the true law and rhythm
of nature, and the whole world knew Her as its Princess. (2)

(Stanza 3)

Hail, O, Immanence of Celestial Mother, O, Lily of the West, Hail!
Hail, O, Lotus of the East, O, Breathe of Beauty!
Hail, O, Immanent One, O, Breath of Nature, Hail!
Hail, O, Form of the Holy One, O, Presence in the Wind, Hail!
Hail, O, Divine Love of the All, O, Energy of the Lake, Hail!
Hail, O, Holy Daughter, O, Crescent Moon of the Night, Hail!
Hail, O, Spark of my heart, O, Soul within and without, Hail!

4) And, She showed them how to offer Veneration to the Mother of All Things. 5) And, She said: When the time is come for Me to go from you, still, I shall be with you; and shall never leave you, not for one fragment of an hour until you we are together in completion. But, I shall unite you all who love Me in one great Soul; (origianlly Body). 7) The highest and the lowest, the living and the dead, those who falter at the door and those who have climbed to the highest tower, all shall be one in My Soul, which I have given to the world, and all shall be nourished in my Spirit.

(Stanza 4)

Hail, O, Lady of the Lake, O, Holy Water of Life, Hail!
Hail, O, Fountain of Grace, O, Nourisher of Souls, Hail!
Hail, O, Maiden of Wisdom, O, Formatrix of Heaven and Earth, Hail!
Hail, O, Soul of my soul, O, Nourisher of Spirits, Hail.
Hail, O, Sacred One, O, Merciful One, Hail!
Hail, O, First Dew of Spring, O, First Light of Day, Hail!
Hail, O, Primordial Lily of Purity, O, Radiance of the Heavens, Hail!

10) The children of Heaven greeted Her, crying: “Hail, Princess of the World; hail, Queen of Heaven.” And they placed a crown of stars about Her head. 11) The blue night was Her cloak, and the stars of the sky the crown about Her head, and the moon lay at Her feet. They cried again: “Hail, Queen of Heaven.”

(Stanza 5)
Hail, Thou Maiden of Heaven and Earth, Hail, O, One with Form.
Hail, O, Dea Virgo, O, Maiden God, Hail!
Hail, O, Beloved Kyria, O, Divine Maid, Hail!
Hail, O, Child of the Mother Light, O, Primordial Love, Hail!
Hail, O, Maiden Whose Robe is Celestial Light, O, Mistress of the Seven, Hail.
Hail, O, Holy Presence through-out the Cosmos, Hail, O, Shimmering Star of the Night, Hail!


22) And, She poured out Her Spirit from Her hands into a great chalice, and Her Spirit lay as wine within the chalice. 23) And She said: “Even as you have offered Me bread in sacrifice, so I give you the bread of My Body; and as you have poured out libations of wine to Me, so I pour out the eternal libation of My Eternal Spirit.” 24) And, as it is performed above in the Spirit, so is it reflected below in the soul and the spirit, and through the reflection do Earth’s children have part in the Real.

(Stanza 6)
Hail, O, Heart within our hearts, O, Temple within our temple, Hail!
Hail, O, Supreme Being, O, Spirit within our sparks, Hail!
Hail, O, Assumption of our Souls, O, Feminine within femininity, Hail!
Hail, O, First and the last, O, Honored and scorned one, Hail!
Hail, O, Queen of the Seven Powers, O, Mistress of the Seven Pillars, Hail,
Hail, O, Queen of the May, O, Queen of the Fey, Hail!
Hail, O, crowned with Stars, O, Mistress of the Moon, Hail!


Wisdom says:
Come, eat of my bread, and drink of the wine which I have mixed. (Proverbs 9:5).

(Stanza 7)
Hail, O, Hope of my hope, O, Faith of my faith, Hail.
Hail, O, Mediatrix between Heaven and Earth, O, Divine Centre of the All, Hail!
Hail, O, Luminous Blessings of the home, O, Encompassing Mantle of Compassion, Hail!
Hail, O, Stream of Mercy, O, Clemency of Heart, Hail.
Hail, O, Bread of Soul, O, Wine of Spirit, Hail!
Hail, O, Glittering Snow of Winter, O, Tender Breeze of Spring, Hail!
Hail, O, Supreme Love of my heart, O, Divine Passion of my soul, Hail.

But we will certainly do whatsoever thing goeth forth out of our own mouth, to burn incense unto the queen of heaven, and to pour out drink offerings unto her, as we have done, we, and our fathers, our kings, and our princes, in the cities of Judah, and in the streets of Jerusalem: for then had we plenty of victuals, and were well, and saw no evil. (Jer. 44:17).

(All other scriptures taken from the Mythos of the Holy Daughter, the Clear Recital Edition.)