The Feast of the Holy Rosary


 Holy Rosary

October is known as the month of the holy rosary. Today is traditionally the Feast of the Holy Rosary.

The Hindu form of the rosary is perhaps the oldest known form of the rosary, dating to the 8th century BCE. The Catholic rosary was formally requested by Mary in an appearance to St. Dominic in 1208. She later appeared to Blessed Alanus and gave him the now famous Fifteen Promises to those who were faithful to praying the daily rosary. Blessed Alanus was translated to Heaven on Our Lady’s birthday, Sept. 8th.  Here is a concise history of the rosary showing how it took over a thousand years for the Catholic rosary to reach its final form.

The rosary has always been said to be the most powerful prayer after the liturgy. Madria Olga, of blessed memory, was a devotee of the rosary.  Here are her thoughts on the rosary along with the instructions for the original Madrian rosary.

Before the disastrous aftermath of Vat. II, Catholics never left home without their rosary beads in purse or pocket. Families would pray the rosary, together. Praying the rosary kept us connected to her, like a ladder of roses reaching up to Heaven. When prayed properly, it brings us into Her Presence. Unfortunately, the younger generations have been raised in a Church which cares more about what other denominational Christians think rather than what is important to Our Lady and so the use of the rosary has declined in recent decades.

The rosary itself is symbolized by roses. As stated by St. Louis de Montfort in this book, The Secret of the Rosary, each bead is a rosebud and when we offer the rosary, we receive a mystical crown of roses. The word rosary means garland of roses and every time we pray Her rosary, we are offering Her living roses of prayer.

Far from being ‘useless repetition’, contemplating the Mysteries of each decade brings us in closer union with Her as we immerse ourselves in each Mystery. We follow the ‘Way’ of Our Lady.

 Our Lady of the Rosary

In a majority of Her apparitions, Our Lady has requested the daily rosary (five decades.) It is hard to think of an apparition where She was not carrying Her rosary. Praying the rosary need not be difficult or time consuming. One decade a day takes minutes. Praying the mantra style as did the ancients by reciting just the first half of the Hail, Mary, takes about ten minutes out of our day. The full recitation takes about fifteen minutes. Can we take fifteen minutes out of our day to recite Mary’s prayer? 

I realize that in this day and age, the rosary is not a practice for everyone. But if you have not tried it, today is the perfect day!

For our Christian readers, a good explanation of the rosary may be found on this Traditional Catholic website. You do have to scroll all the way down for accompanying scripture readings.


The High Feast of Rosa Mundi


Fire Rose

Today is the High Feast of Rosa Mundi (Rose of the
World) aka Rosa Caeli (Rose of Heaven) in honor of Our Divine Mother God. The Fire Rose is one of our sacred symbols indicating that Our Lady is the Fiery Rose Flame within the temple of our hearts. 

Today is a joyful celebration of the Fiery Love of Our Divine Mother and our ultimate assumption unto Her at the end of our incarnational cycles. It is a day that we may shower Her with roses, the queen of flowers, chant lovely hymns and celebrate with feasting and bonfires. 

There is no closer bond than that between Our Divine Mother and ourselves. She is always with us, we are never alone. She exists within and without. Above and below. She envelops us within the Protection of Her Mighty Mantle and showers Her Grace (Divine Energies) upon us. She is always there to guide and to help us. She is both Transcendent and through Her Holy Daughter, Immanent. There is no place in the world, in the cosmos, where She is not.

It is the Living Stream Goddess, Holy Sophia, Who is known as the Rose of the World, made famous by the Russian Mystic Daniel Andreev who taught that the Golden Age would return through Sophia. That it would be Her Age, the Age of the Rose of the World. 

While the Holy Daughter (Daughter Sophia or Zoe) may rightly be considered to be the (Rosa Mundi) Rose of the World through Her Role as the World Soul, Our Divine Mother is Rosa Caeli (Coeli), the Rose of Heaven. So, today, we look forward to the Golden Age of the Rose of the World while we celebrate the Love, Grace and Beauty of our Heavenly Mother through the heart-flame of Her love.

As my Christian bishop once said, we ascend unto the Father through Jesus and we are assumed unto the Mother through Her mercy.