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The Sanctuary of the Supernal Moon is devoted to Our Divine Mother God. For Christians, She is the Shekinah/Sophia/Holy Spirit Who ultimately stems from Judaism and is interpreted through the lens of Divine Feminine Christianity. 

As the first Christians were Jews, we have inherited much from the beautiful Jewish religion. Not only, have we inherited the worship of Adonai, the One Father God, we have also inherited the Divine Mother, Who is the Holy Spirit of the New Testament. The Shekinah, Lady Wisdom (Sophia) and the Holy Spirit are one and the same Divine Being.

While there are many books on the fact that the Holy Spirit is Female, but the first book that is recommended is  Our Mother, the Holy Spirit by Marian Widmalm. A more extensive reading list on this subject will soon be available. Our Holy Mother Spirit is the Hidden Divine Mother of Christianity. Many do not realize that Jesus, Himself, referred to the Holy Spirit as His Mother! The Father, Son and Holy Mother Spirit is the Divine Family.

Though we are not associated with the Roman Catholic Church, we honor Mary, the mother of Jesus and so include many Marian devotions and feast days. Our Divine Feminine Calendar (coming soon) is to be used in conjunction with a Christian liturgical calendar. Though we are Christian, we also include the eight Celtic/Norse feast days.

Eve, the Mother of All the Living and Mary Magdalene, the First Apostle to the Apostles, also hold a special place of honor along with our fore-mothers.

We honor Our Divine Mother God as Mother, Daughter, Sister, Bride and Queen, which is how She (Shekinah/Sophia) is known in Kabbalism, Gnosticism and the Wisdom Texts (Lady Wisdom/Sophia). Each Divine Aspect of Our Lady is celebrated by within a Season of its own.

We also celebrate Rites and Festivals in Her honor, including the offering of cakes and wine on the night of the Full Moon as did our ancestresses of old.

In Tradition, just as each Sunday is the day of Our Lord or Our Lord’s Day, Saturday is known as the day of both the Blessed Virgin Mary and Our Holy Mother God is on Saturday or Our Lady’s Day. We greet Her on Friday evenings by lighting Her candles and we pay honor to Her the next day. Please note that the candle lighting has been inspired by the Sabbath Queen of Judaism, but this is not the Jewish Shabbat we are celebrating. 

The angels, especially the four Planetary angels of the Cardinal Directions, St. Hanael (f), St. Michael, St. Gabrielle (f) and St. Raphael assist us in our daily lives. (LINKS TO COME).

For information on the Hestian Fire Temple (not related to the goddess, Hestia), our interfaith Sisterhood of the Divine Mother, please see (LINK COMING SOON).

Blessed is Adonai and Blessed is the Glory of His Kingdom.

Blessed is Our Mother God, the Holy One,

She Who is Sophia,

She Who is Shekinah,

She Who is Our Holy Mother Spirit,