Archangel: St. Raphael. ADD LINK . Direction: North. Element: Air. Time of Day: Midnight. Sacred Symbol: Staff. Sacred Color:Yellow. Seasonal Color: Yellow. Season of: The Earthly Daughter

Note: The Sacred Color is the colors associated with St. Raphael as the Ruler of the planet Mercury. The Seasonal Color is the Elemental color for Air.

In ancient tradition, just as each Sunday is the day of Our Lord or Our Lord’s Day, Saturday is known as the day of both the Blessed Virgin Mary and Our Holy Mother God is on Saturday or Our Lady’s Day. We greet Her on Friday evenings by lighting Her candles and we pay honor to Her the next day. Please note that the candle lighting has been inspired by the Sabbath Queen of Judaism, but this is not the Jewish Shabbat we are celebrating. 

For the complete list of Marian Feast Days which includes lore and miracles, please see Mary’s Feast Days

For the complete traditional liturgical calendar, please see


The Startide Season


Dec. 8: Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Dec. 12: Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Dec. 20: Evening: Mother’s Night

Dec. 21: Yule: The Maid of Light. (The Shekinah is known as the Maid of Light. We honor both the Earthly Shekinah and the Earthly Sophia Who are both One.)

Dec. 24: Feast of Eve, the Mother of All the Living. (Traditionally the Feast of Adam and Earthly Eve.)

Dec. 25: Christmas

Dec. 28: Startide and the Ringing of the Silver Branch.

Full Moon

Light Maiden Moon. 


Full Moon

Hearth Fire Moon : The Blessing  of the home.



Feb. 2: Feast of Candlemas.

Feb. 11: Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes

Feb. 19: Mystique Mask.


Candle Lights Moon.