Archangel: St. Michael. ADD LINK . Direction: South. Element: Fire.Time of Day: Noon. Sacred Symbol: the Sword. Sacred Colors: Gold, Orange, Yellow. Seasonal Color: Red. Season of: Our Divine Bride.

Note: The Sacred Colors are the colors associated with St. Michael as the Ruler of the Sun. The Seasonal Color is the Elemental color for Fire.

In Tradition, just as each Sunday is the day of Our Lord or Our Lord’s Day, Saturday is known as the day of Our Lady or Our Lady’s Day.

For the complete list of Marian Feast Days which includes lore and miracles, please see Mary’s Feast Days

For the complete traditional liturgical calendar, please see


JUNE, the Wedding Month.


June 1: The Seven Ladies in Waiting

June 20: MidSummer’s Eve: The Bridal Vigil

June 21: MidSummer. Feast of The Mystical Bride.

June 23: Our Lady, Cause of Joy.

June 27: Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

Full Moon: 

Bridal Dance Moon



July 20: Feast of Roses

July 21: Our Lady of Mercy.

July 22: Great Feast of Mary Magdalene

July 26: Feast of St. Anne, Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary, grandmother of Our Lord Jesus.

Full Moon

Rose Blossom Moon




Aug. 1: Lammas

Aug. 5: Feast of Our Lady of the Snows

Aug. 15: Feast of the Assumption of Holy Sophia and of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Aug. 22: Feast of the Immaculate Heart.

Full Moon 

Golden Fields Moon