Archangel: St. Gabrielle. (LINK). Direction: West. Element: Water.Time of Day: Twilight. Sacred Symbol: the White Lily. Sacred Colors: Silver and White. Seasonal Color: Blue. Season of Our Heavenly Mother.

Note: The Sacred Colors are the colors associated with St. Gabrielle as the Ruler of the Moon. The Seasonal Color is the Elemental color for Water.

Legend has it that St. Gabrielle held a lily in her hand during the Annunciation which is why in most artwork, she is depicted holding a lily. St. Gabriel/le is depicted as both male and female and so by this, we know they are a syzygy, a Divine Pair, similar to the Gnostic Aeons, but her correspondences are all female. LINK TO COME

In ancient tradition, just as each Sunday is the day of Our Lord or Our Lord’s Day, Saturday is known as Our Lady’s Day. We observe it in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary and of Our Holy Mother Spirit, Our Divine Mother God.

We greet Her on Friday evenings by lighting Her candles and we pay honor to Her the next day. Please note that the candle lighting has been inspired by the Sabbath Queen of Judaism, but this is not the Jewish Shabbat we are celebrating. 

For the complete list of Marian Feast Days which includes lore and miracles, please see Mary’s Feast Days

For the complete traditional liturgical calendar, please see traditio.com or the Christian calendar of other denominations.




Sept. 8: The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary 

Also: The Descent of Holy Sophia. Earthly Sophia comes to earth to be with us, her children, to be our consolation and the inspiration of our love. By this image we have the promise that we are not left alone in our darkness but have Sophia’s abiding presence in our lives. The Gnostic Calendar

Sept. 12: Feast of the Holy Name of Mary

Sept.21: Harvest Home Festival.

Sept. 29: Feast of St. Michael

Full Moon

Harvest Home Moon.


OCTOBER, the month of the Holy Rosary.

Feast Days:

Oct. 2: Feast of the Holy Guardian Angels

Oct. 7: Feast of the Holy Rosary.

Oct. 9: Our Lady of Good Help

Oct. 24: Feast of St. Raphael

Oct. 31: Feast of the Ancestors. (This is a three day feast.) 


Starry Skies Moon. 



Nov. 1: All Saints Day.

Nov. 2: All Souls Day.

Nov. 21: Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Nov. 27: Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.

Nov, 28: First Lighting of the Sunwheel

Full Moon 

All Soul’s Moon