This is a Calendar which focuses on the Divine Feminine in Christianity. It is to be used alongside the full Christian liturgical calendar. We also include our own Divine Feminine Festivals and the Feast Days of the Celtic/Norse Wheel of the Year from a Divine Feminine perspective.

We honor Our Divine Mother God as Mother, Daughter, Sister, Bride and Queen, which is how She (Shekinah/Sophia) is known in Kabbalism, Gnosticism and the Wisdom Texts (Lady Wisdom/Sophia). Each Divine Aspect of Our Lady is celebrated by within a Season of its own.

We also celebrate Rites and Festivals in Her honor, including the offering of cakes and wine on the night of the Full Moon as did our ancestresses of old.

In Tradition, just as each Sunday is the day of Our Lord or Our Lord’s Day, Saturday is known as the day of both the Blessed Virgin Mary and Our Holy Mother God is on Saturday or Our Lady’s Day. We greet Her on Friday evenings by lighting Her candles and we pay honor to Her the next day. Please note that the candle lighting has been inspired by the Sabbath Queen of Judaism, but this is not the Jewish Shabbat we are celebrating. 

The Sanctuary places the Element of Earth in the East and the Air in the North. From a metaphysical standpoint, placing Earth in the East and Air in the North fixes the broken lines between the two Feminine Elements of Earth and Water and the two Masculine Elements, Air and Fire.

It is known, in certain circles, that Earth in the East and Air in the North are correct, but members of the Golden Dawn (with which we have no association) were not allowed to reveal everything correctly due to their oaths of secrecy and the concern that the uninitiated could cause damage or harm. 

Indeed, A. E. Waite, co-creator of the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, himself admitted to switching swords and wands for the same reason as stated above. Swords is more correctly placed with Fire and Wands should be placed with Air. As point in fact, St. Michael, the ruler of the Sun and South/Fire, is usually depicted with a Sword, while St. Raphael, Ruler of Air holds a Staff. 

Other Traditions, such as Unicorn Wicca, also places Earth in the East and Air in the North, which retains the Feminine and Masculine Elemental Lines. (It has been noted by some that this was the original placement in the Golden Dawn, just as Swords was originally with Fire and Air with Wands. They were later changed for the uninitiated.) The SSM places Wands in the North with Air and Swords in the South with Fire. 

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