Part II

 Continued from previous post:
    Many modern people outside of Christianity think it is terrible that Mary is known as the Queen of Heaven (again, because in Christianity, she is the Mother of the King and her son crowned her as Queen when she got to Heaven), but to be fair, there were quite a few goddesses who were known as the Queen of Heaven. So, again, there is a difference between borrowing titles and applying them to someone else, as the Christians did with Mary, and taking a person completely out of her own religious and cultural context as the F/M did with images of Mary in her glorified state and calling her Mari.
    So, in a nutshell, the F/M took Mary, the Mary who was now a glorified saint in Heaven, took her away from her Son, divorced her from her husband, Joseph, separated her from Her Jewish God and completely changed her story.
    They kind of did the same thing with Inanna. They took her name and the story of her descent, where she was descending to take over her sister’s domain and they divorced her from her husband and turned her into a sacrificial Daughter unless there is something here that I am missing.
   Anyway, this is all why, over the last few months, I have begun to wonder if it is right to worship a Goddess outside of Her cultural and mythological heritage.
   I think of Wicca. Some Wiccan Trads honor one cultural pantheon while other Trads mix and match gods and goddesses from different pantheons.  But never-the-less,  though Wiccans believe that all goddesses are the One Great Goddess and all gods are the One Great God, I have never seen them divorce their deities from their native cultures or from their original myths and try to fit them into a new culture and a new myth. They remain true to the original myths. 
     And in thinking of the native culture and myth…..while I have always taught that Dea is God in Her Own Right, in my heart, I have always believed in Sacred Balance and I did teach that, while trying to stay within the confines of Deanism. To me, Our Divine Mother God is God in Her Own Right because that is Her Eternal Nature. It is Her Nature to be God just as it is our nature to be human. But for me, that does not mean that She cannot also be Bride.
    Recently, I have been studying the Shekinah/Sophia/Lady Wisdom/Holy Spirit all of whom stem from Judaism and all of Whom are One. I won’t go into all of this so, if anyone has questions, I will be happy to provide links to books written by scholars on this subject. Now, it finally make sense to me as to why the stories of Sophia and the Kabbalistic Shekinah are nearly identical (of course, there is Jewish Gnosticism, too) and there is an Earthly (Daughter) Shekinah who is the World Soul, as well as the Soul of the Jews and Earthly (Daughter) Sophia and Heavenly Shekinah and Heavenly Sophia.
    My point is, both the Shekinah and Sophia are said to be Mother, Daughter, Sister and Bride. I think that is very beautiful and it is deeply meaningful to me. But I understand that this is a long way from how Dea is understood in F/M.
   In the past, trying to be Deanic, I was separating Mary from her son and her husband (Joseph) and her father (Joachim) and her God (Adonai). I was also separating Sophia from Her Consort, Her Syzygy, Her Twin Soul and I was ignoring the fact that one of Her most important aspects is that of Bride as it is with the Shekinah and there is nothing wrong with that. But with Deanism, it made me feel that there was something wrong with that. Like there is something wrong with Divine Husbands and Divine Fathers. It is one thing to say, I primarily worship Mother God because I have issues with the Father due to my formal religion or an abusive human father, ect. It is a different story to say He doesn’t exist.
     My point is, why is it necessary to separate goddesses from their Divine Consorts or their Fathers? Why separate the Planetary Powers from their syzygies, their Twin Flames, Twin Souls? If this is a part of their story, then why must we edit them out? Is that being faithful to their stories? To who they are?
     Maybe for a Divine Feminine religion that excludes the Male, where they have their own names for the Mother and Daughter…Mari and Anna and they have their own mythology for them along with their own rites and devotions for them, why not use their own unique images for them just as every other religion has their own unique images for their goddesses? Why do they have to borrow from everyone else? I have never understood this.
   There are so many gorgeous Mother Goddess pieces of artwork nowadays that are not tied in with a specific cultural goddess just as there are many female angelic paintings of non-specific angels. In recent years, in thinking about all of these things, I have often thought about how if I was a goddess, I would not want to be separated from my husband.
   I have thought it important to have separate worship for Our Mother and Our Father ..the Mother primarily in the home. But to deny the Father as if He did not exist, to deny the Divine Marriage of Father and Mother, the Bridegroom and the Bride as if being a Sacred Bride is somehow beneath Our Mother God and therefore, casts an aspersion on brides here on Earth, this is not for me. 
   I am and have always been a traditional, deeply conservative woman. I am a traditional wife to my husband and a traditional home-maker. I have conservative values and I have long realized that this places me outside the Deanic community. I tried and tried and tried to conform, but this is not who I am. 

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