The High Feast of Rosa Mundi


Fire Rose

Today is the High Feast of Rosa Mundi (Rose of the
World) aka Rosa Caeli (Rose of Heaven) in honor of Our Divine Mother God. The Fire Rose is one of our sacred symbols indicating that Our Lady is the Fiery Rose Flame within the temple of our hearts. 

Today is a joyful celebration of the Fiery Love of Our Divine Mother and our ultimate assumption unto Her at the end of our incarnational cycles. It is a day that we may shower Her with roses, the queen of flowers, chant lovely hymns and celebrate with feasting and bonfires. 

There is no closer bond than that between Our Divine Mother and ourselves. She is always with us, we are never alone. She exists within and without. Above and below. She envelops us within the Protection of Her Mighty Mantle and showers Her Grace (Divine Energies) upon us. She is always there to guide and to help us. She is both Transcendent and through Her Holy Daughter, Immanent. There is no place in the world, in the cosmos, where She is not.

It is the Living Stream Goddess, Holy Sophia, Who is known as the Rose of the World, made famous by the Russian Mystic Daniel Andreev who taught that the Golden Age would return through Sophia. That it would be Her Age, the Age of the Rose of the World. 

While the Holy Daughter (Daughter Sophia or Zoe) may rightly be considered to be the (Rosa Mundi) Rose of the World through Her Role as the World Soul, Our Divine Mother is Rosa Caeli (Coeli), the Rose of Heaven. So, today, we look forward to the Golden Age of the Rose of the World while we celebrate the Love, Grace and Beauty of our Heavenly Mother through the heart-flame of Her love.

As my Christian bishop once said, we ascend unto the Father through Jesus and we are assumed unto the Mother through Her mercy.


3 thoughts on “The High Feast of Rosa Mundi

  1. What a beautiful season to begin the New blog! May I offer a musical suggestion? I really love listening to The Lark Ascending by Ralph Vaughn Williams. It is a 15-minute piece and is a really lovely accompaniment to meditation.


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