Candredi/18 Hadora

Hail, Sai Candre’, Mirror of Purity, be with us.

Please note that the previous prayer list will be the same for this week, as we were not able to publish the full list on time. Thank you.

I apologize for the delay in writing my article on the Ascended Mari. New information has come to me that has left me mind boggled. I will never again doubt that the Ascended Mari (or Mari/Mary Sophia) is truly the hidden Creatrix Goddess. 

And so, I am taking some time to update my blog to represent Deanic Collyridianism, a Soul Path that I am developing which uses the Deanic system of worship for the honor of Mari, Our Divine Mother. I am also waiting for a book that I ordered which contains needed information for the article.

In the meantime, the following books are most highly recommended:

In a Chariot Drawn by Lions (I love how this book shows that not only was Hokhmah/Sophia Creatrix and Supreme, it also clearly illustrates (and as I have always taught) that Hokhmah/Sophia is Universal….for all peoples, not just those of the Abrahamic Faiths.)

The Way of the Rose

The Virgin (Recommended for anyone interested in ancient Collyridianism. Most of the book goes through the Christian history of Marian worship, but the beginning and last few chapters are important for everyone, Christian or not.)

Our Mother, the Holy Spirit

Thank you for your patience,

A. M. Valentina



Weekly Prayer List….UPDATED

Candredi, 9 Hadora

For the comfort and solace of Zoe, in her loss. May her Mother’s memory be eternal.

For the healing of Jean from cancer.

For the healing of J.,

For the healing of T.,

For the healing of L.,

For the healing of G., 

For the highest good of Violet,

For job guidance for Greg,

O, Sai Sushuri, Fountain of Healing graces, please bestow upon these Children of the Earth the healing they need according to their highest good and in accordance with their True Soul Path.

O, Most Holy Dea, be with them. Blessed are You.

If you or anyone you know has a prayer request, please send them by Rayadi/Monday to ArchMadria Valentina at supernalmoon7@gmail.com. Thank you.

The Feast of the Holy Rosary

Thamedi, 5 Hadora

 Holy Rosary

October/Hadora (aka Hathor), in both the RCC and the DMF (Deanic-Madrian-Filianic) Ekklesias is known as the month of the holy rosary. Today is traditionally the Feast of the Holy Rosary.

The Hindu form of the rosary is perhaps the oldest known form of the rosary, dating to the 8th century BCE. The Catholic rosary, upon which the Madrian/Filianic rosary is based, was formally requested by Mary in an appearance to St. Dominic in 1208. She later appeared to Blessed Alanus and gave him the now famous Fifteen Promises to those who were faithful to praying the daily rosary. Blessed Alanus was translated to Heaven on Our Lady’s birthday, Sept. 8th.  Here is a concise history of the rosary showing how it took over a thousand years for the Catholic rosary to reach its final form.

The rosary has always been said to be the most powerful prayer after the liturgy. Madria Olga, of blessed memory, was a devotee of the rosary.  Here are her thoughts on the rosary along with the instructions for the original Madrian rosary.

Before the disastrous aftermath of Vat. II, Catholics never left home without their rosary beads in purse or pocket. Families would pray the rosary, together. Praying the rosary kept us connected to her, like a ladder of roses reaching up to Heaven. When prayed properly, it brings us into Her Presence. Unfortunately, the younger generations have been raised in a Church which cares more about what other denominational Christians think rather than what is important to Our Lady and so the use of the rosary has declined in recent decades.

The rosary itself is symbolized by roses. As stated by St. Louis de Montfort in this book, The Secret of the Rosary, each bead is a rosebud and when we offer the rosary, we receive a mystical crown of roses. The word rosary means garland of roses and every time we pray Her rosary, we are offering Her living roses of prayer.

Far from being ‘useless repetition’, contemplating the Mysteries of each decade brings us in closer union with Her as we immerse ourselves in each Mystery. We follow the ‘Way’ of Our Lady.

 Our Lady of the Rosary

In a majority of Her apparitions, Our Lady has requested the daily rosary (five decades.) It is hard to think of an apparition where She was not carrying Her rosary.Praying the rosary need not be difficult or time consuming. One decade a day takes minutes. Praying the mantra style as did the ancients by reciting just the first half of the Hail, Mari, takes about ten minutes out of our day. The full recitation takes about fifteen minutes. Can we take fifteen minutes out of our day to recite Mari’s prayer? 

I realize that in this day and age, the rosary is not a practice for everyone. But if you have not tried it, today is the perfect day!

On my Deanic Collyridian rosary, I have removed the Filianic titles of the Mysteries that have rightly belonged to Sai Jesus for centuries such as the Nativity, the Passion (based on the Sorrowful Mysteries) and the Resurrection. As a former Catholic, I have always felt that this was a misappropriation. Our Lady has Mysteries of Her own, we need not borrow from those of Sai Jesus.

For our Christian readers, a good explanation of the rosary may be found on this Traditional Catholic website. You do have to scroll all the way down for accompanying scripture readings.


A. M. Valentina Marie, HFT


The Truth is Simple

Vikhedi, 3 Hadora

Beneath Thy Protection is the oldest known Marian hymn dating back to the third or fourth century. Translated from the Greek: Beneath your compassion, we take refuge, O Theotokos, do not despise our petitions in time of trouble: but rescue us from dangers, only pure, only blessed one. (O, Dea or O, Thea, may be substituted for Theotokos).

The Secret Madrians took a teaching from our scriptures quite literally: 46: For the Truth is such that a child may understand it. 47: What is thy Truth if it cannot be shared with a child? The Way of Simplicity. 

Though, like the bible and every other set of scriptures out there, ours were written by human beings, I do believe that the Teachings of the Daughter were inspired. And all through them, the basic, timeless message which stands out is the importance of simplicity and the Truth of Love.

Those who have had Near Death Experiences have always shared with us that God does not care what religion we are, the only thing that matters….the one question we are asked when we die is…. how did you love? 

Love is the Essence of the All. Love is the driving force of the Universe. Love is the why of Creation. And Love is simple. It need not be explained by philosophers and theologians. It is inherent in every single one of us. We do not need to be taught how to love, why to love or how many different ways we can love. Love is simple such that even a child can understand it and Love is the greatest Truth that exists.

NDE’s have explained that when they reach the Light, it is brilliant beyond all comprehension, and yet, it is not too bright for the eyes. And the one thing they all say….every single one of them no matter their religious background….is that the Light is unfathomable, unconditional Love such as they never thought to experience. And when they return, they strive to live and share that Love in new ways.

From what little first hand knowledge I have of the Secret Madrians, they had left Lux Madriana and turned to the contemplative/mystical life. They taught and believed that the Truth is simple enough for a child to understand. They did not appear to have need of thealogical arguments or discussion. They concentrated on the one thing needful, love of Dea and love of Her children.

The greatest saints I know weren’t the Aquinas’s, the Augustines, the Gregorys, rather they were the Orthodox Fools for Christ, the St. Marys of Egypt, the Padre Pios; the French priest of the countryside who continued to serve and protect his people despite the threat of being executed during troubling times; the quiet nun who spends her day in prayer for the children of the Earth, the mother who lives her life in service of her family and of her Lady, the quiet gentleman who spends his mornings praying the rosary before Our Lady to begin his day. These people didn’t spend their day arguing philosophy and theology, they spent their day in prayer, contemplation, love and service. I really believe this is what our scriptures are teaching us. These are timeless teachings that have never failed humanity.

21: In thy work praise Her and in thy resting, in thy speech and in they silence. 22: For thou wert made one with Her and this is thy true estate. It is good for a maid to till the soil, but it is better to live with her Lady.  The Pillar of Truth.

This very much reminds me of Marian teachings, especially what we learned through the Total Consecration to Mary. Everything we did during the day, each word we spoke, each service of Her children, were to be performed through Her, with Her and for Her. (The motto was to Jesus through Mary.) When we live each day in union with Her, that is when our beliefs ring true, not through arguing about human-made theology or philosophy, human words, human opinions. This is something that I once knew, had clearly forgotten, and am remembering once again.

I have learned, over time, that each one of us is so different, each of our Soul Paths to Deity are so unique, that one size definitely does not fit all, even if we are members of the same religion. This is why there are so many schools and denominations of all the religions which have withstood the test of time. We cannot expect others to believe in the exact same way that we do. Like each snowflake, we have been created to be singular in this world. But we do have a shared experience in Her Love.

In the Near Death Experience of Mellen Thomas Benedict, he was shown a mandala of souls encircling the world. Each of us has a vital place and purpose here. And that purpose isn’t to strive to be like everyone else, it is to be ourselves, the way we were created, to follow our own Path wherever that may lead.

The person, no matter their beliefs, no matter their religion, who spends his or her day in quiet prayer, contemplation, love and service is worth more, in my mind, than the greatest theologian who ever lived. 

Love of Dea flows through our service to others. Service to others can take place in many ways such as service to our families; praying for our world and for others; being kind in the work place; offering donations to places like Exodus Cry or helping animals, volunteering at soup kitchens, offering the Sacraments, there are all kinds of ways to serve no matter our station in life, but the ultimate way to serve is in the simplicity of Love.

As the Chapel states: The Faith of Our Mother God consists in the acceptance of our Mother-Creatrix as the one Supreme Being, the Source and Origin of all that is, the One without a second, upon whom the existence of anything whatever is absolutely dependent. To know this and to love Her—or even to wish to love Her—is the whole of our religion in its essence.

Yes, philosophers and theologians have their place, but we must always remember, words are human and fallible, it is Dea Who is Divine and infallible.

A. M. Valentina, HFT. 









Deanic Collyridianism

Candredi, 2 Hadora

 (Our Lady of the Snows)

The founders of our religion, the Madrians, worshiped the Ascended Mari as Mother God. They separated the Ascended, Heavenly Mari from the human, Earthly Mary and brought Her with them, out of the Catholic Church. In light of the fact that they offered liturgical worship to Mary in Her Ascended Form as the Divine Mari, I think it might safely be said that they were the first modern Collyridians. Sarah Morrigan, the founder of the first Filianic Ekklesia may have sensed this as she formed her Ekklesia as being Filianic Collyridian.

A Filianic Collyridian is one whose focus of worship is the Holy Daughter. Therefore a Deanic Collyridian is one whose focus of worship is on the Celestial Mother. 

Someone who is a Deanic Collyridian worships the Ascended Mari as Mother God as did the Madrians, but are not necessarily Madrian in practice. They are either Tri-Forma (One with Three Forms such as were the Secret Madrians) or Trinitarian in belief.

In practice, Deanic Collyridians incorporate traditional Marian practices and devotions such as adapted versions of Catholic litanies, novenas, processions, coronations, Her psalter (which can be very easily adapted for our religion), Marian hymns (some don’t even need to be adpated) and adapted editions of Orthodox Akathists: Akathist of the Theotokos of Joy of All Who Sorrow. (There are more beautiful akathists in addition to this one. Put in a search for Akathists of the Holy Theotokos and they will come up including youtube versions of the chants.)

Then there are Her medals….so many styles and Titles. The Miraculous Medal is perhaps the most famous given in a vision to St. Catherine Laboure’ (Follow the link to the story of the vision.) In my day, no female Catholic and the majority of Catholic males would be seen without wearing the medal She gave to us. There are also the scapulars of Mary, some with promises attached such as  The Scapular of Mt. Carmel. And of course you can find medals of Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of LaSallette, Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of the Snows, Our Lady of Guadalupe, the list goes on and on and on. 

There is almost 2,000 years of Tradition behind the worship of Mary. She is honored under countless titles and has been associated with a myriad of miracles. She is my ancestral goddess. My family’s worship of Her may be traced back 1500 years and probably goes back even longer.

In an upcoming article, I will explain why the Ascended Mari (as She is known in Filianic-Madrianism) is truly Divine, is truly Goddess, is truly Our Divine Mother God. 

As this is the month of the Holy Rosary, I will close with the traditional prayer that is said at the end of every rosary (slightly edited for DMF (Deanic-Madrian-Filianists):

Hail, holy Queen, Mother of mercy,
Hail our life, our sweetness, and our hope.
To Thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve;
to Thee do we send up our sighs,
mourning and weeping in this valley of tears.
Turn, then, most gracious advocate,
Thine eyes of mercy toward us;
and after this, our exile, may we be assumed unto Perfect Union with Thee.
A. M. Valentina, HFT

* Heart is listed as a synonym for womb, which is more appropriate for the Ascended Mari-Sophia. 






Rayadi, 1 Hadora.

Today marks the beginning of the Holy Month of Hadora (Hador) which is the old Madrian name for Hathor. In the Lady of Light Chantry, it is known as Blue Skies. 

While, in Filianic Madrianism, the Feast of the Rosary is on either 1 or 3 Maia (April 18 or April 20), in my own ancestral religious Tradition, October has always been known as the Rosary Month and the Feast of the Holy Rosary takes place on Oct. 7 (5 Hadora). I feel that this is entirely appropriate as Fall is the Season of Our Celestial Mother and the rosary has always been….Hers and yet, through the rosary, the entire Divine Feminine Trinity is honored.

Our Five Seasons follow the Mysteries of the Filianic rosary. (For the SSM edition, see A, below). Each Mystery is inherent in the Season, thereby ‘divinizing’ the Season, if you will. Interjecting Divine Spirit into matter. 

This is the reason why each Season is Sacred and each Month is holy. Through the Mysteries of our religion, the Seasons and the Months and the very days which are named after the Janyati, Divine Emanations of Our Lady, have been divinized by being infused with the Divine. Even the times of day are sacred to us….the Dawn (Aurora) is the time Our Kyria, the Holy Daughter (known as Our Raya is some Traditions), Noon-tide is the Time of Our Divine Celestial Mother and Twilight (and the Darkest Hour before the Dawn during Moura) is the Time of the Great Mother, the Monas. 

 (The Greek Horae).

Our system reminds me a bit of the the Greek Horae. The very fact that the Greeks had goddesses to represent each hour, each time, shows how sacred every second, every minute and every hour of our time on this planet really is, no matter what we are going through in our lives. For everything there is truly a purpose and a Season and every single second of life is intensely personal and sacred, would but we could fully see it with wide open eyes. 

Fall is interesting because though it is the Season of Our Divine Mother God, we can detect traces and whispers of the Great Mother Whose threads are gently woven throughout the months of Hadora and Samhain.

 First known Marian apparition, Our Lady of the Pillar.

Our Mother, Our Raya, is the Ground of all Being Who, at this time of year, takes the Primordial Ideas (blueprints/code) of the Great Mother, She Who is Absolute, She Who is the Monas, and holds them within Her heart to germinate. (Heart is a synonym for womb). Yet, it is also a time of dying, of transformation of spirits to Avalon (including plants and animals), and of matter returning to its Mother, Gaia Sophia/Sophia Natura. 

The Wisdom teachers have shown us that the whole point of spirits incarnating as human beings is to divinize matter. It is to combine matter and spirit in a sacred way in order to raise creation through divinization. 

The Church used to teach that this was for human beings, only. But that is not true. It is for all beings. All beings can be divinized. All beings can rise through their evolution unto Perfect Union with Her. The purpose of all of Nature, of all of Creation, for Adam, for Havah (Eve), for us is to combine Spirit with Matter and to divinize Nature, an echo of the teaching of so many Esoteric and Esoteric Christian Mystery Schools. In Christianity, Divinization of Creation is the purpose of the Incarnation (as Body) of Jesus, in Filianism, it is the purpose of the Incarnation (as Soul) of the Holy Daughter.

In union with the Holy Daughter,  we have such an awesome purpose but we get lost in the sighting of it. We forget why we are here. We are truly far more than we realize. And our purpose is truly Divine in Nature. We are partakers within the Mysteries of Creation.

A. M. Valentina

Rosary prayer: Hail, Mari, Fountain of Grace, glory be to Thee. Blessed art Thou, O, Queen of Heaven and Blessed is the fruit of Thy heart, Jana (Anna). Holy Dea, Mother God, bless us, Thy children, now unto the ages of ages, Blessed art Thou. (Or Blessed are You). 

 Big Bear Scarecrow Festival


(Early Madrian from the early Celtic meaning Clear, Bright Skies. Related to Celestial aka Hador/Hathor): Oct. 3 – Oct. 30. This is the Month of the Rosary in the SSM Tradition. 

Brisk and crisp and smokey-scented

Are russet Hador’s misty days;

A time of nuts and cyder-brew

And breath a chill white haze. (Madrian 13 Month Calendar Poem.)

Scriptures: The Way of Simplicity vs 23 -24.

Feast Day: The Feast of the Holy Rosary.

Full Moon

Starry Skies Moon. 


A) The SSM edition of the Filianic Mysteries along with the original:

First Mystery of Fall: The Ground of All Being.

Second Mystery of Winter: The Light Maiden (aka Nativity).

Third Mystery of Moura: The Descent (aka The Passion).

Fourth Mystery of Spring: Rosa Mundi, the Holy Daughter is the Rose of the World (aka the Resurrection).

Fifth Mystery of Summer: The Rosa Caeli, Our Celestial Mother is the Rose of Heaven and our Assumption. 










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Matidi, 18 Abalon

  (One of the images I use for Sai Thame’). 

I would like to recommend two related blogs to the Season and Feast of Divine Life (aka Cuivanya, etymology, unknown).

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Harvest Home Moon and Feast of Divine Life

Candredi, 16 Abalon. Day of Sai Candre’

                                                                                                                by Neil Levin

Tonight is the Full Harvest Home Moon on the Eve of the Feast of Divine Life. This feast day is also known as Harvest Home in Celtic lands.

The Mystery of this Holy Season of Fall is the Ground of All Being, which has an integral part in this feast day, but there seems to be some confusion as to whether it is the Celestial Mother or the Great Mother Who is the Ground of all Being.

The Madrian catechism states that the Ground of All Being is the Celestial Mother. 11): Who is Our Celestial Mother? +The Mother is the Creator (Creatrix) of the world and the Ground of All Being.

About the Great Mother it states: 

17) Who is the Dark Mother? + She is Absolute Deity, Who existed before the beginning of existence and is beyond being and unbeing. Then it goes on to state that the exhalation of Her Breath or Spirit is Our Mother.

As the catechism explains, the Great or Dark Mother is beyond Being. She emanates the Ground of All Being. This is emanation theology/thealogy. Our Mother emanates from the Great Mother and the Holy Daughter emanates from the Mother, similar to the emanation theology of Gnosticism. And this is how Dea is One. 

Whether we see the Great Mother or the Celestial Mother as the Ground of All Being, perhaps quantum physics states it best…the Ground of All Being is Consciousness. Dea is Consciousness and it is Consciousness which permeates the Cosmos.

Though Fall is the Season of Our Celestial Mother, I look upon the Feast of Divine Life as a Feast of the Great Mother, the Absolute. In our correspondences, Twilight is the time of Fall and it is also the time of the Great Mother, or Dea in Her Great Mother Form. In the Fall, She is the Evening Star. During Moura, She is the Darkest hour before the Dawn.  

Tomorrow’s Feast Day is about beginnings and endings. A time of fruition and a time of death. A time of seeds falling asleep within the care of Mother Earth until it is time for them to awaken, yet, again. Birth, Life, Death or Transition, because nothing truly dies, all is Energy, all is Consciousness. Conscious Energy cannot die, it can only be transformed.

For many of us, depending upon where we live, during Autumn, the air takes on a golden hue. It is a stunningly beautiful time of year, and yet, it is a time right before much of the Earth falls asleep, like a last blast of glory before the darkness of Winter sets in. I see what is happening around me as a reflection of the golden years of our lives.

The golden years doesn’t mean that everything is perfect, but it does mean that older folks have reached a stage where we have hopefully gained wisdom, hindsight and have learned from our mistakes. In this way, we will be ready for our next life. We will be ready to live at an higher level of the upward spiral of soul evolution because our soul life, as in Nature, is never stagnant, Life is a cycle of spiraling rhythm. 

In the Fall of our golden years, we are aging, we are not young and spritely as in our Spring maiden years. But, we have a lot more freedom. We have more time for spirituality and contemplation. We have more time to appreciate Nature.

And this wisdom leads us to fully understand that like the seeds, full of potential essence, which must first rest within the sweet darkness of Mother Earth before being reborn in the Spring,  so we too, must return to our True Home, to rest and to germinate the potential within to be ready for the Spring of our next life. 

All potential, all essence comes from the Absolute…the Darkness beyond the light and the Light beyond the darkness. There is a time for the manifestation of that potentiality and a time for it to germinate.  As we feast on the fruits of the abundance of the Summer, we realize that there is a time for everything in its Season and each Season has a reason for being.

Harvest Home is one of the oldest harvest celebrations in Europe. The original festival included cider pressing, grain threshing, dancing, feasting and the crowing of the Harvest King and Queen. 

This year, the feast of my hestia (hearth and home) will center around the traditional root vegetables and apples of my area. I plan to cook an old fashioned New England boiled dinner with two different kinds of turnips, squash, onions, carrots, potatoes (and carrots). I’m also making an old favorite of my family….Apple Pan Dowdy. I was hoping to get my mother’s recipe, but we haven’t been able to find it.

Here is a modern version of this tasty dessert.


As this is also the Season of Sai Thame’ and her bird is the swan, Serene Mother Gigi offered these directions for making an edible apple swan:

Website #1, is a link to a video of how to make an edible Apple Swan, for the Feast of Harvest Home
Website #1
For those sisters who wish to dip their apples in honey, but are Vegan, [like myself, and do not eat bee honey], Website #2 is a recipe for Apple Honey.
Website #2
I will close with this Litany to the Great Mother:

Litany of the Great Mother, Absolute Deity, by ArchMadria Valentina Marie, HFT.

Hail, Great Mother God.

Hail, Absolute Deity.

Hail, Pure Source.

Hail, Ground of All Being,

Hail, Pure Life.

Hail, Deantha Cosma.

Hail, Supernal Evening Star.

Hail, Veiled Origin of Eternity.

Hail, Dark beyond the light.

Hail, Light beyond the Darkness.

Hail, Veiled Shield of Faith.

Hail, Luminous Darkness.

Hail, Primordial Mystery.

Hail, Last Twilight of Sunset.

Hail, Shining Darkness before the Dawn.

Hail, O, Still Centre of the All.

Hail, Light of the Depths of the Cosmos.

Hail, Completeness of the All.

Hail, O, Holy Monas.

Hail, Shadowed Moon.

Hail, Apple Seed of Wisdom.

Hail, Bright Light of Origin.

We glorify You, we magnify You and we adore You.

Happy Feast day to you and yours!

A. M. Valentina, HFT.






The High Mysticism of the Teachings of the Holy Daughter (Divine Maid)

Thamedi, 12 Abalon. Day of Sai Thame’

Oftentimes, in the past, I have taken issue with some of the content of the Creation Mythos and especially, the Mythos of the Holy Daughter, aka Divine Maid, (although I do cherish the story of the Three Princesses and the ending of Mythos of the Divine Maid). What I do love to immerse myself in, however, are the Teachings of the Holy Daughter and The Crystal Tablet.

So often, though I have been reading these scriptures for nigh onto ten years, I find myself blown away by the thealogy of the The Crystal Tablet and the Teachings. The guidance on the life of the soul is timeless. But it is the high mysticism of the teachings on the Divine Functions of Light, Life and Love where I find that I become blown away by the perfection of the thealogy.

Whether we are Deanic or Filianic, these teachings are simply sublime. For now, I will speak from a Trinitarian perspective although certainly, each of these may be applied to Dea as Mother with Three Functions. The brilliancy and sheer depth of the underlying thealogy regarding these three Divine Principles easily lends itself to contemplation and meditation on a mystical scale for all Deanists.

The very idea that Life is Origin and contains the Primordial Ideas/Blueprints of the Absolute, while Light Manifests those ideas into Creation leading to Love as the rule and sustenance of Nature is remarkable thealogy. Assigning those three Functions with clear definitions of each Function to the Three Persons the Trinity….to me, these are very original ideas. 

In our scriptures, The Sermon of the Apple Seed is a traditional favorite for this time of year. The Sacred Symbol for the Season of Autumn is the Apple. In the scriptures, Our Lady takes an apple, slices it in half so that the five seeds inside form a star. She removes the top-most point (I see this top point as representing Spirit) and She begins Her sermon.

As She explains the way of life and the underlying nature of reality, we are shown how the seed, itself, is Essence. It contains the blueprint of the Tree. This reminds us of the Great Mother, or Dea in Her Great Mother Form, Who is the Essence of All Life. The Primordial blueprint, the Primordial Ideas of Creation, are all contained within Her.

Our Mother takes those blueprints, those Primordial ideas and manifests them into Creation and the Holy Daughter sustains all by Her Immanent Presence and Her Love. These are the three basic Functions of the Trinity or the Three Forms of Dea.

The Sermon then takes the wholeness of the One Tree and likens that Oneness into Three: The boughs represent Love which is the Function of the Holy Daughter as the Sustainer of All Nature. The bole (trunk) represents Spirit, Herself, the Mother, from Whom all Creation flows and the unseen roots represent the Great Mother. 

The crux of the entire beautiful story is a reminder of the importance of simplicity. In that one Seed contains all Truth, all that we need to know and to contemplate. 

In other scriptures, The Crystal Tablet is simply incredible, to me. Light (Mother), Love (Daughter) and Life (Great Mother/Absolute) are clearly and beautifully defined along with sound guidance for the soul.

The beginning of the Clew of the Horse describes the Still Centre of All Being (the Abode of the Great Mother/Absolute). These verses are something I read over and over and over again and each time, a new inner understanding reveals itself.

Finally, in the Three Loves, we find further guidance for the soul in learning to determine the difference between the false and true selves and again, we find the Trinity of Divine Functions: Light or Energy (Mother), Love or Harmony (Daughter) and Life or Wholeness (Great Mother/Absolute).

This holistic stream of Divine Function thealogy and how it is incorporated into the liturgical year is, in my opinion, one of the strongest examples of what makes the DMF religion unique.

Autumn or Fall has always been my favorite time of year. It is the time of my birth (Oct.); the most beautiful time of the year here in New England; my favorite kind of weather; one of the most beautiful moons of the year (the Harvest Moon); my favorite holiday, Samhain, (even as a child, I loved Halloween more than Christmas); and a zillion other favorites at this time of year.

In our religion, it is the Season of Our Celestial Mother. It’s time is Twilight (my favorite time of the day.) And the symbol is the Apple from which we may learn all the knowledge that is necessary for spiritual life through one tiny seed.  The Music of the Spheres (Article is well worth reading.)

20: Yet, within the seed is the essence of the tree and from the seed the whole tree may unfold. So, from essential Truth unfolds all other knowledge as the music of the spheres unfolds from a single note.

Therefore, when you think upon the questions of life, of time or of the spheres, contemplate first, the seed of Truth and let your thoughts unfold from that seed. Let the pure and single note of Truth attune your souls. Then shall mind rise up into soul and soul breath the breath of Spirit.

This do, and your thoughts shall be harmonic with the Universal Music of Eternity. The Sermon of the Apple Seed, vs 20-24.  ECE edition

Eternal is the Light of the Mother,

Eternal is the Love of the Daughter.

Eternal is the Life of the Great Mother,

Dark beyond the light and Light beyond the darkness. Blessed is She.

A. M. Valentina